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Join Our Team

We have oceans of opportunities for people who want to make a real splash!


To create thoughtful, impactful and sometimes unexpected interactions and experiences that inspire the protection of the aquatic world both close to home and far away


Read about our journey to AZA membership and our conservation efforts.



To be the life-centric hub of a prosperous, vibrant and sustainable community




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We are looking for team members who are:
  • Outgoing with a passion to learn about conservation and sustainability
  • Great story tellers who enjoy meeting new friends every day
  • Believers that we can all make small differences to help the planet and the animals that live here
Come make a splash and join a group of people passionate about conservation, animals and the ocean and who are committed to sharing that passion with all of our guests!

Animal Care positions:

Operations positions


Riverwalk Cafe & Event Venue team positions


Applications will remain on file for 6 months. No emails or phone calls please.

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