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Partnering with Shreveport Aquarium provides a unique opportunity to connect with our members and visitors in a more personal and meaningful way than traditional advertising methods.

By integrating your message into our guest's daily lives, you can strengthen the connection with your target audience, associate your image with a positive family experience and showcase your commitment to social responsibility and community engagement.

The aquarium is one of the most-visited attractions in north Louisiana for families, with over 150,000 annual visitors and a growing community of engaged supporters. Our naturalistic exhibits showcase over 1,000 animals with around 300 species. Most visitors have a 1-2 hour dwell time.


Our mission is to create thoughtful, impactful and sometimes unexpected interactions and experiences that inspire the protection of the aquatic world both close to home and far away.


We are looking for sponsors who support a more sustainable community. Sorry, we cannot partner with organizations that regularly use single-use plastics, styrofoam and other products that pollute our waterways and are harmful to our aquatic friends in their natural environment.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring an exhibit includes:

  • Prominent 24 x 18" signage on the exhibit with logo, tagline and web address

  • Category exclusivity

  • 10 annual pass memberships for each year of term

  • 100 one-time aquarium guest passes per year, for clients, employees, customers, friends & family

  • Your company name, logo and link on our website with a one paragraph blurb with your company's message

  • $1000 event credit towards an event in our event venue

  • Sponsorship term: 3 years and first right of refusal thereafter


Check out our Sponsorship Brochure and see the available exhibits for high visibility sponsorship opportunities

For more info reach out to our Marketing Director at

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