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School Field Trips

Our Field Trips are FINtastic!

Our school field trips are a science-filled adventure, where students can dive into hands-on learning and get up close and personal with some amazing sea creatures. With a focus on STEM combined with unforgettable animal encounters, students will gain a deeper appreciation for our oceans and all the creatures that call it home.


And the best part? We're not just educating, we're inspiring a passion for conservation and sustainability! 

Our 2023/24 field trip season is now over, please check back at the end of summer for information on our 2024/25 season. If your group would like to visit over the summer, we do offer group discounts for parties of 10 or more for just $13.95.

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STANDARD FIELDTRIP (60 min) $9 per student

  • Enjoy a grade-level appropriate guided tour through the aquarium and learn all about our amazing animals with immersive hands-on experiences. 

  • PLEASE NOTE: Field trips are Mon-Fri and only available through June 7. Schools or groups wanting to book after June 7 should purchase regular admission tickets or discounted group tickets and self-tour.

  • Standard field trip price is $9 per student. We have a 15 student minimum. Groups under 15 students are still welcome but will be charged for 15 students ($135).

  • There MUST be one RESPONSIBLE teacher/chaperone for every 10-15 students. One teacher/chaperone per every 10-15 students will receive complimentary admission.

  • Additional teachers/chaperones are $9. Additional parents wanting to accompany the fieldtrip are $12 at the door.

  • Please try to allow a minimum of 4 weeks notice when booking your field trip. 

Day of Visit:

  • IMPORTANT: Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time. Late arrivals, will experience delayed start times and shortened tours. Please call ahead if you are going to be late. You might need to wait until we are finished with another group before we can take you.

  • Please be courteous, if your group is a no-show, you will not be able to re-book for 1 year and you will lose your $25 deposit.

  • No flash photography, please!

  • Be courteous and respectful. Talk quietly as you explore the wonders of the Aquarium. No running or horseplay.

  • For our animals safety, please do not use pens or pencils inside the aquarium unless permitted by a staff member.

  • Help protect the animals. When permitted, touch the animals gently using the two-finger touch method. Please do not disturb animals by tapping on the windows.

  • Keep food, drinks and gum outside the aquarium. 

  • Adults must stay with children and students at all times during your visit, regardless of the age of the student. 

  • Don't forget to visit our Gift Shop, located at the end of the aquarium. We have special tax inclusive items bundles for your students for $10 and $20.

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