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School Field Trips

Our Field Trips are FINtastic!

Our school field trips are a science-filled adventure, where students can dive into hands-on learning and get up close and personal with some amazing sea creatures. With a focus on STEM combined with unforgettable animal encounters, students will gain a deeper appreciation for our oceans and all the creatures that call it home.


And the best part? We're not just educating, we're inspiring a passion for conservation and sustainability! 

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  • Enjoy a grade-level appropriate guided tour through the aquarium and learn all about our amazing animals with immersive hands-on experiences. Be a biologist: Get an up close through a high-powered macroscope and see sharks teeth, crab molt, shark skin and stingray teeth.

  • Field trips are available Mon-Fri, Aug. 14 through June 7, from 9 a.m. to noon. 

  • Field trips start at $135 for up to 15 students. $9 per additional students. One chaperone is complimentary for every 10 students. Additional parents are $12.  


Please try to allow a minimum of 6 weeks notice when booking your field trip. Field trips cannot be booked online with less than 7 days notice.  

NEW! Customize and extend your field trip with fun add-on experiences  and educational programs!

  • Stingray feedings

  • Mine for gems and fossils at our Red River Treasure Mine (30-60 min)Sept - April only, not available during the month of May.

  • For groups under 60 students, choose from a variety of curriculum-based educational programs that meet LA student's standards for science (30 - 60 min). Sept - April only, not available during the month of May.

  • Add a pizza lunch for your group, complete with chips and lemonade. Sept - April only, not available during the month of May.

Find out more information based on your group size:

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