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Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

What is Compliance?

Set of measures ensuring that the company is in compliance with the national and international standards in force, complying with all the requirements of the regulatory authorities, within all the policies required for the activity to be performed.

How important is Compliance?

  • To adopt and maintain good governance practices according to the laws;

  • To assist the fight against corruption;

  • To create internal controls, mitigating risks and minimizing misconduct;

  • To adopt ethical behavior and Compliance as fundamental guidelines to be observed by the signatories.

What are the benefits of complying?

Being in compliant helps to fix the organization in the market and to build a strong and very positive image, bringing a series of benefits such as:

  • Protection of the corporate image and the people who are responsible for it;

  • Concern with ethics and cultural transformation in companies;

  • Creation of a strong organizational culture, committed employees and providers acting with integrity and valuing these aspects in their activities;

  • Increased company's credibility;

What is the relationship between Compliance and GDPR?

Compliance rules are updated to achieve the parameters defined in the General Data Protection Laws, as well as the code of conduct. Internal procedures and information security standards are also in line with all of this.