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Hey Parents! Looking for some family fun after spending long hours in the virtual classroom?We recognize that distance learning is challenging for school age kids and parents and we are here to help!


Shreveport AQUAdemy provides a much needed break from the computer screen and will enrich your child's school day with a self guided educational adventure through the aquarium, inspired by Louisiana science standards. 


The lesson packets are free and customized for grades K-6, You and your kids will explore each exhibit with a deeper understanding by talking to our educators and observing and recording animal behaviors. Students will gain a deeper respect for the aquatic world and act as informed, empowered stewards of our mission to inspire conservation of the world’s aquatic treasures.


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For those students who are back to in-person classes, come on down after school. Last entry to the aquarium is 5 p.m.



  • Register your child below and print out your AQUAdemy progress card

  • Purchase aquarium tickets in advance

  • Come on down to the aquarium. We prefer students to come on weekdays (last entry is 5 p.m.) while the aquarium is less busy so you are able to spend more time at each exhibit and spend more time talking with our educators

  • Pick up you first lesson packet at the front desk and get your progress card stamped

  • Visit each of our galleries, in order, and spend time looking at all of the creatures, observing their behaviors, reading signage and talking with our educators. In your packets there will be several questions and tasks for each gallery related to each lesson topic

  • If desired, check your answers in the gift shop with the answer key

  • Complete all four lessons to become an OCEAN HERO and earn a mystery gift from the gift shop!




Lesson One: Habitats (available now)

Lesson Two: Fish Families (available now)

Lesson Three: Animal Adaptations (available now)

Lesson Four: Animal Senses (available now)

The AQUAdemy is a free program (aquarium admission not included). Admission tickets are limited due to COVID-19 so purchase in advance.