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Games & Downloads

Here are some cool activities to make your visit to the Shreveport aquarium even MORE FINtastic!

  • Shreveport AQUAdemy - Looking for a family fun idea to enhance your visit? Shreveport AQUAdemy will enrich your experience with self guided educational adventures through the aquarium, inspired by Louisiana science standards. Complete one lesson each visit. Complete all four and get a prize! 

  • Animal Art: Pick your favorite animal in aquarium, and study it up close for 3 minutes and then try to sketch it as accurately as you can. Bring your own pencils and crayons and ask one of our educators for a chair and a clip board. Take your time and have fun!


  • In this Animal Word Search puzzle, use your keen eyes to look for animals you may see around the aquarium! You might find words that are placed horizontally, vertically and diagonally.


  • Interview an educator! Print this Animal Fact File or make up your own interview sheet. Our friendly educators love helping guests learn about animals. Or try and fill it out on your own and have them check it!


  • Go on an alphabet hunt! Challenge yourself to find creatures for each letter of the alphabet! Can't find them all? No problem, make up some funny names instead! Download this Animal Alphabet worksheet

  • The Aquarium is a great place to practice your "1–2–3s!" Some animals have 1 foot, some have 2 shells, some have 5 arms, some have 8 legs, and more. The goal of the game is to find an Aquarium animal with body parts for each number from  1 to 10. You can count fins, feet, gills, eyes, spots or anything. Download the Animal 1-2-3 worksheet


  • Stripes vs Spots: Pick a team when you get to the aquarium (maybe parents vs kids, or mom vs son) and see if you can keep count of how many types of fish have stripes and how many fish have spots? Who will win? (Also fun to play with colors!)​

  • Join our photo contest! Junior Photographers can hunt for the perfect photograph in the aquarium and tag us on Facebook or Instagram with hashtags #fanphoto and #shreveportaquarium. 

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