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Treasure Mine Finds

Here are some of the common gemstones and fossils you can discover while hunting for treasure in our mine. What will you find? 

mine gems
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Other recent gem finds!

Recent rare fossil finds! All of these finds of ancient shark and marine reptile teeth are at least 3 - 70 million years old!

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MOSASAURS were a group of large marine reptiles that existed during the Late Cretaceous period. They became extinct about 66 million years ago! Mosasaurs did not use permanent teeth but instead constantly shed them and grew new ones.

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MEGALODON meaning "big tooth", is an extinct species of shark that lived approximately 3 to 23 million years ago! One of the largest and most powerful predators, Megalodons are estimated to have been up to 60 feet long!

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GLOBIDENS were a type of predatory marine mosasaur. The teeth of Globidens differed from those of other mosasaurs. Instead of being sharp, they were semispherical with rounded points suited for crushing tough armored prey such as small turtlesnautili and bivalves.

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