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Shreveport Aquarium Offers New and Improved Field Trips for an Enriching Learning Experience

The Shreveport Aquarium is thrilled to announce the launch of its enhanced and engaging school field trip program designed to immerse students in an exciting world of marine education and conservation. With a strong emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, these field trips offer students the opportunity to explore the wonders of the aquatic world through hands-on experiences and up-close encounters with captivating sea creatures.

Dive into Hands-On Learning

Shreveport Aquarium's school field trips provide students with an unforgettable adventure filled with interactive learning experiences. Students have the chance to witness the magic of ocean life up close while gaining a deeper appreciation for the marine environment and its inhabitants. From exploring the intricate details of shark teeth, crab molts, shark skin, and stingray teeth through high-powered macroscopes to participating in immersive guided tours, the aquarium's programs foster curiosity and knowledge in young minds.

Inspiring Conservation and Sustainability

“Beyond educating young learners, Shreveport Aquarium is committed to igniting a passion for conservation and sustainability,” says Director of Development, Jon Whitehead. “By fostering an understanding of the interconnectedness of marine ecosystems, the aquarium aims to empower students to become stewards of our oceans and their delicate balance.”

Standard Field Trip Experience

The standard field trip experience, lasting 60 minutes, includes a guided tour tailored to each grade level, enabling students to explore marine life and its unique features. The cost is $9 per student, with a minimum of 15 students required. Complimentary admission for one chaperone is provided for every 10 students, and additional parents can join for $12 each.

Add-On Curriculum-Based Educational Programs

Shreveport Aquarium now offers the option to customize and extend field trips with a range of curriculum-based educational programs aligned with Louisiana state standards for science. These programs cater to various grade levels and delve into intriguing topics such as life cycles, adaptations, food chains, engineering, and conservation. Students will actively participate in hands-on activities that deepen their understanding of these essential concepts.

Other Exciting Add-On Experiences

Shreveport Aquarium also offers some exciting add-on experiences. Students can engage in Stingray Feedings and explore the world of gems and fossils at the Red River Treasure Mine, adding an extra layer of excitement to their visit.

Discover more about the captivating and educational experiences offered by Shreveport Aquarium's field trips by visiting

About Shreveport Aquarium

The Shreveport Aquarium is located at 601 Clyde Fant Parkway in downtown Shreveport and is a premier destination for marine education and entertainment. Through its innovative exhibits and programs, the aquarium aims to inspire wonder, foster understanding, and promote conservation of our oceans and the creatures that inhabit them.

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