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The Husbandry Diver Assistant position is part of the Animal Husbandry team that performs the routine animal care and maintenance required for marine and freshwater displays. The Husbandry Diver Assistant is required to deliver a high standard of work performance in the areas of animal and exhibit husbandry under the direction of the Curator of Live Exhibits and full-me husbandry staff (aquarists).



  • Assists husbandry staff with the maintenance of animal care areas, exhibits, and aquarium life support systems ensuring a consistently high standard of animal care and displays presentaon throughout all public and behind the scenes areas.

  • Assists husbandry staff with routine animal care, cleaning and maintenance of aquarium exhibits, possibly including SCUBA diving within exhibits where required.

  • Assists with daily care of animal exhibits including diet preparatoon, feeding and general care and maintenance of aquatic exhibits in accordance with established protocols.

  • Assists husbandry staff with accurate data entry in daily records for aquarium systems, exhibit specimens and dive related paperwork.

  • Assists with the maintenance of company issued dive gear and diver areas to the standards and expectaons of Shreveport Aquarium policies and protocols where required.

  • Parcipates in and delivers interactive programming for guests including public presentations involving exhibits, behind the scenes areas and possibly exhibit diving.

  • Divers entering the Shreveport Aquarium dive program must be certified by a national recognized agency. Shreveport Aquarium does not conduct open water certification for any staff or volunteer.

  • Performs other related dues as assigned.


  • High School diploma or general education degree (or equivalent educaon and experience) is required.

  • Open water SCUBA certificaion with ability to obtain advanced certifications is preferred.

  • Applicant shall successfully perform the following tests, or equivalent, in the presence of the site Diving Safety Officer or his/her designee.

  • Swim underwater without swim aids for a distance of 25 yards without surfacing.

  • Swim 1000 yards in appropriate skin-diving gear.

  • Surface dive to a depth of 15 feet in open water without scuba.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in air sharing as both donor and receiver.

  • Enter and leave open water or surf, or leave and board a diving vessel, while wearing scuba gear.

  • Kick on the surface 400 yards while wearing scuba gear, but not breathing from the scuba unit.

  • Demonstrate judgment adequate for safe diving.

  • Demonstrate, where appropriate, the ability to maneuver efficiently in the environment, at and below the surface.

  • Complete an emergency swimming ascent.

  • Demonstrate clearing of mask and regulator while submerged.

  • Demonstrate ability to achieve and maintain neutral buoyancy while submerged at various depths.

  • Demonstrate ability to achieve and maintain neutral buoyancy while submerged at various depths.

  • Demonstrate the ability to remove and replace the scuba unit on the surface and underwater.

  • Demonstrate the ability to remove and replace the weight-belt underwater.

  • Demonstrate techniques of self-rescue and buddy rescue. 

  • Demonstrate ability to navigate underwater.


Additional Requirements

  • Willingness and ability to adhere to company employee guidelines

  • Ability to maintain a clean/organized work environment.

  • Ability to work effectively with limited supervision, and maintain a work ethic supporting the aquarium’s mission and goals.

  • Ability to effectively follow directions, observe and remember details.

  • Ability to maintain friendly, polite, flexible, and service-oriented demeanor.

  • Proven communication (verbal and written) and organizational skills

  • Ability and willingness to communicate effectively in public forums to aquarium guests is preferred.

  • Willingness to work outside of normal scheduled hours (i.e. weekend days, holidays, special events, after hour animal related activities or emergencies).

  • Ability to pass a physician administered dive physical examination (for SCUBA related activities).

  • Ability to obtain and hold a current First Aid and CPR certification.

  • Ability to obtain and hold valid Louisiana Driver’s License.



  • Part-time hourly 


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