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Coral Propagation


The world’s coral reefs are in desperate trouble so harvesting coral for use in home and public aquariums is very hard on the wild population. By propagating our own corals, we can avoid this strain on the demand placed on corals harvested from the ocean. 

In the wild, propagation happens naturally over the coral’s life span, a constant system where the coral grows, dies, and regenerates using the dead exoskeleton to grow new life upon. This dead exoskeleton makes up what we know as the coral reef.

In an aquarium setting, because of our ability to keep water chemistry and lighting ideal and constant, our corals grow faster than they would in the wild, where it is an extremely slow process. The conditions of our exhibits promote coral growth and keep them vibrant and healthy. As our corals grow, they need to be pruned back and cuttings can be transferred and regenerated in other exhibits at the aquarium without the need to purchase wild stock.  Excess corals are also used as trade items with other aquariums.


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