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Take the pledge and help keep our oceans clean and get $500 of eco-friendly to-go supplies from us!

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Say NO to single-use plastic food packaging! Single-use plastics are an environmental disaster. Disposable straws, to-go containers, water bottles and plastic bags that once seemed like a nice convenience have become something else: a massive, eternal pile of garbage in our ocean waters and landfills.

As a small business, you can stop being part of the problem and be part of the solution. With a few changes to your business practices, you can eliminate these single-use plastics in your inventory, and help create a cleaner, safer world. The answer is clear: just say no to single-use plastics!

We are here to help you kick this habit. We are looking for 10 like-minded businesses to take the pledge today to stop using plastic or Styrofoam to-go food containers, cups, straws, utensils and bags.

By taking this pledge and committing to at least 12 months of single-use plastic-free business, Shreveport Aquarium will donate $500 worth of biodegradable food containers to start you off on the right foot.


Help us fight plastic pollution in our community and join our group of business leaders who want to change.


We will also feature your business on our website  and post about how your business is helping our community on our social media feed. With almost 30K followers, you will be sure to be noticed.

What you can do:

  • Switch from plastic cups to compostable or biodegradable

  • Say no to straws, simply don’t use them or switch to paper straws

  • Use paper or cardboard to-go containers over Styrofoam

  • Replace to go water bottles with water in a box or aluminum cans

Looking for something extra to do to help the environment? Join us for Trashy Tuesdays! Each Tuesday a group of our dedicated staff called the Conservation Krewe goes out into the community surrounding our business to pick up trash. This has become a weekly ritual and we'd love to have other businesses join in and clean up their communities. Let us know and maybe we can have a fun contest to see who collects the most trash!

Tag us at #trashytuesdaykrewe