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Field Trips 

Field trip options for over 60 students

 Standard Fieldtrip (60 min)

  • Enjoy a grade-level appropriate guided tour through the aquarium and learn all about our amazing animals with immersive hands-on experiences. Be a biologist: Get an up close through a high-powered macroscope and see sharks teeth, crab molt, shark skin and stingray teeth. 

  • $9 per student, minimum of 15 students. One chaperone is complimentary for every 10 students. Additional parents are $12.


Customize and extend your field trip with some exciting add-on experiences!


  • Stingray feedings add $3 per person: Get up close and feed our flappy friends. Hold a small piece of food between your knuckles and lower your hand into the water and our curious stingrays will swim over and slurp up their snack out of your hand. 

  • Mine for gems and fossils (30 min): add $5 per student. Using our 35 foot-long mining sluice, students can search for gem and/or ancient marine specimens using the old miner's technique of sifting and washing material. Keep your finds.

  • Lunch $8 per student: One large pizza slice (cheese or pepperoni), chips and lemonade. One teacher per 10 students will receive complimentary lunch.

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