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Breeding Programs


We see a lot of breeding activity with our Cownose and Blue Spotted Mask Rays. Our goal is to manage this breeding to ensure that there is the appropriate genetic diversity in the group.  The management plan around this is to purposefully trade animals with other aquariums that have this same species breeding, and swap animals for genetic diversity. 

Fun facts about baby stingrays:

  • Baby stingrays are born with a full barb (we trim them off later, like fingernails)

  • Females give birth to live pups that have hatched from egg cases inside the uterus.

  • When this species is born they are 6" wide and grow to about 16" wide. 

  • Baby rays are too small to be hand-fed by the public and are kept in our nursery.

  • Our husbandry staff feeds the baby rays tiny portions, multiple times a day so they can monitor their intake.

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