Gift Recognition

Thank you to of our our Silver and Gold level donors for their support to our Adopt-an-animal program. Your gift will be used to cover the costs associated with giving quality care and food to our amazing animals for one year. Adopt an Animal proceeds also fund our conservation efforts and programs so that you can ensure a better world for your favorite animals!

Gold Level $250
The Picketts
Ben, Claire, Benjamin & Lily Simmons
The Dietzel Family
Billie & Anna Farnsworth
The Lefebvre Family
Cayden Veuleman
Jaci Kochell

Classroom Level
Amber Robinson on behalf of Benjamin & Claire Simmons
Emily Stern on behalf of Benjamin & Claire Simmons
Katie Ryan on behalf of Lucas Waterbury

Silver Level $100
HM Richard Baxter Sealey
Jack and Thomas Snipe

Benjamin Parry
Cole Clark

Jackie Thorley
Lindsay & Bob Silverman
Talia & Steven McHenry
The Hrisanthopoulos Family
The Williamson Family
Katie & Alex Gaspar
Christian & Kelly Fresno
The Rivera Family
Tracy Ewest
Loralai Penland
Abbygail Rice
Callie Tubbs

We are not a 501 c(3) organization so our Adopt-an-Animal program is not tax-deductible