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Unique Animals

Meet Blaze, our white tip reef shark

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Blaze was donated to us in April 2021 from a private collector. After spending several months acclimating off exhibit, Blaze is now swimming in our ocean tank along with some of our other sharks. She is slowly getting used to her new surroundings and can often be seen resting on top of the tunnel. You can easily spot Blaze because she is the smallest of our two white-tip reef sharks.

All of the sharks at the Shreveport Aquarium are target fed so we are able to monitor exactly how much food each shark eats. We are able to cater diets to specific individuals to make sure our sharks are getting exactly what they need. We are happy to report that Blaze LOVES all of our seafood options and can usually be seen enthusiastically participating in our public shark feedings. Our team of animal care professionals continue to provide routine check-ups to monitor Blaze's health. We are happy to have her in our animal family as an ambassador for

sharks all over the world.

Meet Sunshine, the albino red eared slider turtle


Sunshine is an albino red eared slider turtle. Sunshine was brought to us by an observant resident who found the small turtle in a pond. It was only about the size of a half dollar. Because of the lack of pigmentation, an albino turtle's survival in the wild is almost impossible.

Sunshine now lives in an environment safe from predators. We are not sure if Sunshine is a male or female as he or she is too young to tell. Sunshine is on exhibit during warm weather months. Since turtles are cold blooded and can't regulate their body temperatures on their own, we bring Sunshine upstairs to our husbandry lab during the cold weather months to keep warm.