Red River Treasure Mine
Louisiana’s only indoor, climate-controlled gem, fossil and gold mining experience! 

Did you know fossil records indicate Louisiana used to be at the bottom of a great ocean?  Where better to hunt for your own fossils than Shreveport Aquarium!  Hunt for treasure, gems, fossilized shark teeth, ancient marine specimens, and then learn about them with our own field experts.  


Using our 35 foot-long indoor sluice, treasure hunters can search for gems, gold and fossils using the old miners technique of sifting and washing material. The running water rinses away the sediment, revealing the treasures. Treasure hunters get to keep their finds to start or add to a collection and take home their own fact card. Fun for the whole family!

There is no better way to strike it rich! Highly prized finds in every bag.

Gem and fossil mining rough bags

We offer several size bags and mining rough mixes to choose from. Each treasure hunter will find a well-balanced, high-quality mixture of treasures. 


Search for lost pirate treasure like gold, jewels, gems and more!

Mini $7.99

Large $12.99


Shark teeth, trilobites and even DINO POOP! What will you find when you go fossil hunting?

Mini $7.99

Large $12.99


Giant crystals, shark teeth, ancient weapons, gems, gold and fossils all waiting to be discovered!

10 lbs of treasure $22.99


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