Feedings & Experiences


  • Sting Ray Feed Experience Get up close and personal. Feed our friendly rays (10 g food cups are $5 and available while supplies last). One of our most popular attractions!

  • Jelly Touch Experience Get Hands on! Gently interact with these mesmerizing creatures of the deep.

  • Interactive Tidepool Experience Learn fascinating fun facts about sea stars, cleaner shrimp, anemones and more. 

  • When participating in feedings and touch experiences, please follow our staff instructions to ensure the safety of our animals.

Shark Feedings

It's lunch time for our sharks! Come check out the unique behaviors of these magnificent creatures. 

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays

Due to guests overcrowding in shark tunnel to watch, shark feedings will take place during slowest periods of the day (with no announced times)

Free with admission

Alligator Snapping Turtles Feedings


Our snappers have started entering brumation (a reptile form of hibernation). Check back in Spring


Free with admission

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