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Touching tomorrow, today. Introducing people to the wonders of aquatic life. Creating passion for conservation and sustainability by educating through experience. Read about our conservation efforts.



Foster an environment of respectfulness and care for all aquatic life, guests, and team members that celebrates the pillars of conservation, sustainability, education, and “doing the right thing.” Making programming available to everyone through careful, thoughtful, often quirky consideration and creating a welcoming setting to all who step through our doors.



  • Instill passion about aquatic life

  • Educate and promote conservation efforts

  • Offer practical, creative ways to encourage sustainable practices

  • Use diverse methods of communication to reach all guests

  • Embrace the uniqueness of each person, creature, plant, and place to which we are connected

  • Stand with the community

  • Be quirky

  • Be resourceful

  • Be respectful of others and all life

  • Try new things

  • Stay outside of the box