Jr. Conservationist Speech Contest

Finalists will be selected to present LIVE speech during our Paddlefish Festival on March 7.
Grand Prize is Family of Four SEAson Pass!

Contest Rules

  • Contest is open to students age 5 - 17. Group presentations are not allowed.

  • Speeches must promote the conservation of natural resources and the protection or enhancement of the environment. Possible topics: endangered species, waste run off, eco-friendly plastic substitutions, human impact on habitat, etc.

  • Both sides of an issue should be presented in a fair and non-accusatory manner. Using names of people or businesses for slander shall result in disqualification.

  • Speaker should demonstrate familiarity with the subject matter and provide accurate information. The internet is a rich resource, however not all internet sources are credible. Contact local nature resource professionals if possible.

  • Contestants may use quotations and/or copyrighted materials, but must identify the original author. The use of plagiarized material will result in disqualification.

  • Speeches shall be between 3 - 4 minutes long. Use of visual aids (posters, charts, etc.) is prohibited; however, notes may
    be used.



  • Content on-topic and appropriate 20%

  • Content accurate, logical and non contradictory 20%

  • Voice (enunciation/volume) 20%

  • Communication ( intonation, gestures) 20%

  • Appearance (dressed appropriately) 10%

  • Posture/Poise 10%


  • Contestants must enter speech by video submission 

  • The top video finalists will be notified Tuesday, March 3 and will be invited to the present their speech at the live competition at the Paddlefish Festival on Saturday, March 7 sometime between 11 a.m. and noon.

  • Each finalist who presents their speech live will be awarded an individual SEAson pass to the Aquarium.

  • The grand prize winner will be awarded a Family of Four SEAson pass to the Aquarium.