School Field Trips

Our Field Trips are FINtastic!

Now booking fall fieldtrips, 9 am to noon, Monday through Friday


Combining age appropriate STEM based hands-on learning with educational talks and up close animal encounters! During your interactive visit students will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the earth's oceans and the creatures that inhabit them. We aim to create a passion for conservation and sustainability.


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School Field Trip Options (Mid Aug - Mid May):


  • Enjoy an hour-long grade-level appropriate guided tour through the aquarium

  • Be a biologist: peek through a microscope to see what our jellies eat

  • Participate in an age appropriate animal feeding

  • Receive a souvenir pencil made of recycled materials. 

  • $9 per child, $10 for adults (minimum of 10 students)


  • Enjoy an hour-long grade-level appropriate guided tour through the aquarium,

  • Be a biologist: peek through a microscope to see what our jellies eat

  • Participate in an age appropriate animal feeding

  • Make homemade fish treats 

  • Enjoy a pizza lunch

  • Receive a souvenir pencil made of recycled materials. 

  • This package is a 2-hour experience. 

  • $18 per child/adult (minimum of 10 students)

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  • All school groups MUST book in advance

  • School group visits are available during the school year only (mid August - mid May, 9 a.m. to noon)

  • School groups should be a minimum of 10 students. (Groups of less than 10 should purchase regular day tickets and self-tour)

  • There must be one adult for every 10 students and each group will receive one complimentary chaperone admission for every 10 students.

  • Large groups will be broken into smaller groups.


Book your fall fieldtrip with us and get FREE stingray interactive feeding experience for your group! 

Sept thru Nov only

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NEW: Teacher Referral Program

Refer your colleagues to our fieldtrip program. If two of them book a fieldtrip with us within 12 months, your classroom will receive an Animal Adoption package. Your classroom will receive:

  • One plush animal toy: snapping turtle, zebra shark or blue spotted ray 

  • Personalized adoption certificate

  • Letter from the animal’s caregiver

  • 30 Fact sheets about your adopted animal

  • 30 Photos of your adopted animal

  • 30 Shreveport Aquarium recycled pencils

  • 30 Shreveport Aquarium stickers


What Else You Should Know:

  • If a group member gets lost or injured, please find the nearest staff member to assist you.

  • Don't forget to visit our Gift Shop, located at the end of the aquarium 

  • If you are running late for your reserved group visit, please call ahead.

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule please allow at least 7 days notice.

  • Please be courteous, if your group is a no-show, you will not be able to re-book for 1 year.

Lunch Options:

  • Those who participate in the Feeding Frenzy package are welcome to enjoy their meal in our dining area or in our beautiful outdoor courtyard.

  • No outside food is not permitted in the facility, dining area or in the courtyard. Riverview Park next door makes a perfect location for a picnic lunch!

  • Due to limited space, Shreveport Aquarium does not have a designated location to store outside food or a location for students to eat inside the facility. Please plan ahead. 

Code of Conduct:

  • No flash photography, please!

  • Be courteous and respectful of all visitors, exhibits and building. Talk quietly as you explore the wonders of the Aquarium.

  • For our animals safety, please do not use pens or pencils inside the aquarium unless permitted by a staff member.

  • Help protect the animals. When permitted, touch the animals gently using the two-finger touch method. Please do not disturb animals by tapping on the windows.

  • Keep food, drinks and gum outside the aquarium. 

  • Adults must stay with children and students at all times during your visit, regardless of the age of the student.